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Jennifer Fulwiler is a Catholic convert from atheism, an avid blogger and author of the book, Something Other Than God. CLICK HERE to read what Jennifer has to say about Adoration.

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Adoration at Sacred Heart, contact
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Adoration with Pope Francis
World Youth Day (WYD)
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Spend some quiet time with Our Lord!

Adoration is a sign of devotion to and worship of Jesus Christ, who we Sacred Heart Church | Adorationbelieve to be present Body, Blood, Soul and Divinity, under the appearance of the consecrated host, in the form of bread or hosts. As a devotion, Eucharistic adoration and meditation are more than simply looking at the the Eucharistic Host, but rather, an intimate interaction between the adorer and Christ.

We will be holding Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament on the first Tuesday of every month. During Lent, we will be adding the following Tuesdays to the schedule. Exposition will be during 8:00 am Mass and reposition will begin at 6:45 pm:
April 3 (Good Friday) and 
April 7

Please use the north doors. In the event of a funeral, Adoration will be suspended for the duration of the funeral but will resume after for the remainder of the time.

"Adoration is essentially an embrace with Jesus in which I say to him:
I am yours, and I ask you, please stay with me always."
Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI

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